Strategic Lead for Social Care and Therapy
Dec 06

Strategic Lead for Social Care and Therapy

Salary: £60,000 – £72,000 per annum

Employer: The National House Project Hub* /Warwickshire County Council

Contract Type: 2 Year Fixed Term

Date Closes: 08/01/17

Location: Tbc

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Empowering Young People, Innovation and Independence

The House Project builds sustainable homes and a community of support with young people leaving care that enables them to have a positive future.

The House Project has DfE Innovation funding for the set-up of five new House Projects and the establishment of the National House Project Hub

The National House Project Hub, franchises the House Project model, and provides a full package of support for each new House Project business.

Our vision is to build sustainable homes with young people leaving care and through the National House Project Hub, create a centre of excellence for co-operative, innovative work with young people.

We are seeking to:

  • Address the unmet attachment needs and trauma that lead to the well-known poor outcomes for care leavers; and
  • Offer a radically different approach to delivering traditional social care and leaving care services that will improve holistic outcomes and gain the support of social care, who will commission future House Project services as a result.

We are offering a new, exciting opportunity for someone with a commitment to making a difference to the lives of young people through imaginative new models of social care and therapy to lead the scaling of the House model approach and to make a difference to policy, practice and outcomes for young people at a national level.

The House Project Hub is looking for a lead for Social Care and Therapy who can:

  • Ensure that each House Project has the social care and therapeutic support it needs to be successful
  • Develop the expertise and capacity to support any group of young people to apply to set up a House Project with the support of their Local Authority or other organisation beyond the life of the current two year funding.
  • Secure a sustainable approach to gaining funding, housing and support for the House Project
  • Become a source of capacity, expertise, materials and evidence that will ensure support for the continued success of new local House Projects
  • Develop best practice in holistic social care, therapeutic support for young people moving to independence
  • Develop a network of relationships and support at a national level to further support and develop the House Project

*Subject to Charitable status being approved

Recruitment timetable

Closing Date: 08/01/17

Shortlist Meeting: 15/01/18 (candidates not expected to attend)

Initial Meeting: 18/01/17

Interview, Presentation and Young People Panel: 24/01/18


To view a video about The House Project, click here.

Phase 2 of the Department for Education (DfE) funding is facilitating the development of the House Project (originated in Stoke with Phase 1 DfE funding) with a group of Local Authorities and building a National House Programme Hub to support any organisation wanting to implement our innovative solution.

Each House Project is based on co-operative principles and run with and for ten care leavers aged 16+. Each House Project will function as a separate business but with support from the National House Programme Hub. Each Project will lease homes owned by a Council or other provider and support young people to refurbish and manage the properties.

The House Project is a sustainable invest to save approach to enable Local Authorities to improve outcomes: better tenants; reducing costs of tenancy breakdown and other poor outcomes; a long term holistic approach, which uses resources more effectively, because commissioning is closer to the young person.

For young people the benefits are far reaching: a long term housing solution linked to long term support to become independent; enhanced education, training and employment pathway; the confidence that comes from our core values of ownership, independence and responsibility.

Wider benefits: better entry to employment (ETE), housing and well-being outcomes for young people; a model for other groups and Local Authorities with a central hub to support implementation.

How to Apply

To apply for this role, please submit an up to date copy of your CV, along with a supporting statement that addresses the criteria set out in the person specification, using examples to demonstrate how you meet the essential requirements.

Also include a one page statement of a) what excites you about the prospect of leading the Social Care and Therapy aspects of the House Project Hub and (b) what you see as being the biggest challenges you would face.

Submit to:

Please provide us with your home, work, mobile and email contact details and let us know of any dates when you are not available or where you may have difficulty with the indicative timetable.

You should also provide the names, positions, organisations and contact details for two referees, one of whom should be your current or most recent employer.  If you do not wish us to approach your referees without your permission, please state this clearly.

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an email to confirm that you have applied.  If you do not receive this email please make contact with


The following consultants are managing this role and will be happy to answer any questions that are not covered in the person specification.

Contact: Peter Hatcher

Telephone: 07771 552202

Contact: Amy Danahay

Telephone: 07739 706783