What is the House Project

“I feel like I am not going out there alone now. That is different to how I felt before the House Project started.”

The House Project supports young people in and leaving care to manage their own homes and achieve successful independence.

The House Project is a collaborative business, in which adults and young people work  co-operatively for the benefit of all the members. Our core aims and beliefs are that young people should:

  1. Have their own home and the support of a community for as long as they need it
  2. Take ownership of decisions affecting their own lives, their property and the development of the business;
  3. Gain independence and the skills to support themselves emotionally and financially through the support they need when they need it
  4. Take responsibility for keeping themselves safe, looking after others and the project.

In order to achieve these aims the House Project Board ensures that safe decisions are made and the reputation, fidelity and financial stability of the project is protected.

Image of Jade entering her new House Project
Image of House Project Team Building

What have we done so far?

In its pilot phase, funded in 2015 by the DfE, young people aged 16+ have managed the refurbishment of void properties in Stoke-on-Trent, which will be their homes for as long as they want to stay there.

In its next phase from 2017-2020, supported by ‘the National House Project’, five new projects will be set up in Oxfordshire, Islington, Warwickshire, Doncaster and Rotherham. Each project will be a separate business but will work to the House Project aims and beliefs and will share learning to further develop the model.

The National House Project is at the heart of our plan to scale up. The Hub will provide the expertise and support to enable any group of young people to apply to set up their own House Project from 2020.

Why are we doing this?

Against all the key indicators in education, employment, health, offending and accommodation, outcomes for care leavers are unacceptable.  Moving to independence from 16 and living alone from 18 as a care leaver, does not work for many young people, who have described to us their loneliness, fear and the feeling that they have been ‘dropped off a cliff.’

We can and must do better, locally and nationally.

The House Project gets to the heart of the issues that lie behind poor outcomes. It provides a structure to help young people manage the challenges of independent living. It gives them the experience of ownership and pride in doing things for themselves that have been missing from their lives. It provides comprehensive support to enable them to be safe and succeed as co-owners and managers of the business.

Image of House Project member Jason

Want to know more?

Watch more videos on our YouTube channel.

Contact us: thehouseproject@stoke.gov.uk 01782 237054