NHP’s vision is to create a world where young people leaving care ‘live connected and fulfilling lives’. To support this, we will do all that we can to make sure that your contact with NHP is positive, free from harm and that you feel respected, supported and safe. We will not tolerate abuse in any form. We have a Code of Conduct for all staff who work for, or on behalf of NHP. This document makes it very clear to staff what the expectations are of them in order to make sure that young people involved in LHPs are safe and feel safe. We also make sure that all staff working for, or on behalf of NHP, undergo appropriate checks (police, references).

Safeguarding Policy:

NHP has a safeguarding policy that explains in detail what safeguarding is, what staff are expected to do if they have safeguarding concerns and who they will involve, to make sure you are supported and safe. You can access the safeguarding policy via either the NHP or Care Leavers National Movement (CLNM) website and you can have this made available to you as a document.


Our ApproachNHP has a duty of care towards all people in the House Project community and this includes young people and care leavers over the age of 18. We believe that:

  • You should be protected from abuse and neglect, regardless of your age, ability, gender, disability, nationality, racial heritage, faith, sexual orientation, identity or any additional needs
    that you may have.
  • Your safety always comes first and whilst there may be times that we can keep the information that you share confidential, there will be situations when we will have to share
    information to keep you and others safe. For those of you who are aged 18 and over your views about whether the information should be shared will be considered in line with our safeguarding policy that relates to adults. We will always tell you when we need to share information, who it will be shared with, and explain the reason for doing so.
  • If you share information with us that suggests you or others are at risk, we will need to speak to those people who need to know so that the right action can be taken. In most cases this will be staff from your House Project.
  • Once we have shared information, action should be taken to address the concerns and keep you and others safe. If this does not happen, we will escalate this to more senior people in your local authority so action can be taken.
  • If, as part of CLNM, information is shared that suggests another young person is at risk of harm then it is not your responsibility to manage that risk and you should share the information with NHP staff, LHP staff or a trusted adult as soon as possible, who will take responsibility for deciding what to do. Each year staff from NHP will meet with CLNM to share this document and talk through what safeguarding means for them.
  • If you raise concerns about anyone working for, or on behalf of the NHP, we will investigate this quickly and fairly and inform you of the actions taken.


For further information about how we keep you safe, visit the full policy here.


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