By working with other young people leaving care, you make friends, get a house to call your home, and take ownership and control over your life. You have joint ownership of your Local House Project (LHP) with staff.

What will I do?

You will meet as a group every week and work out between you how you want your project to run. You will do new things, learn how to look after a home get ready for moving in.  You will be involved in making decisions about leaving care, where you will and what you want your home to be like.

Who will I be with?

You will be with other young people who are getting ready to leave care. There will be about 10 of you and you will become a team. You will be supported by three members of staff and young people who are already part of your LHP.



The House Project is an opportunity that hasn’t been done before. It is the best scheme for moving and being independent

House Project Young Person



Young People's Views


Young People are at the heart of House Projects across both England and Scotland.

There are lots of ways that we measure how LHPs improve outcomes and make a difference for young people leaving care, but there is nothing more powerful than hearing it directly from young people themselves.

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What do I do?
What do I get

The House Project gives you the skills, experiences and support to make a home, make friends and have a better future.

Young People's View
Young people's view

The House Project is already making a difference to the lives of young people leaving care; here's what they have to say.

How do I join?
How do I join?

The House Project works with young people leaving care aged 16+. Find out how to join.