House Project approach originated from a conversation between young people and staff in a Local Authority (LA). It has been subsequently developed by two pilot phases as part of the DfE Innovation Programme and the Charity was established to not only support Local House Projects but to gather the learning, codify the fidelity and drive improvements as a learning organisation.


We see young people, LA staff and partners as all having expertise in the development of the approach, and whilst we have Care Leavers National Movement (CLNM) and Community of Practice that routinely takes practice learning and improves what we do, it is also important that our approaches are independently evaluated, and moreover, contribute to improving practice. A growing body of practice based evidence demonstrates that the HP approach is making a difference to outcomes for young people as well as informing and influencing the systems that surround them.    




Phase 1 - Making a House a Home - York University 2017  

This evaluation reported on the enablers and challenges involved in developing and implementing the HP approach and reported on how outcomes for care leavers have been improved. 

Phase 2 - The House Project for young people leaving care - York University 2020

This evaluation reported further on the enablers and challenges of implementing and operating the HP approach and reported on improved outcomes for young people and an economic strand that demonstrated via a cost benefit analysis that LAs saved money. 


CLNM Peer Evaluation 2021 

Care Leavers National Movement worked with Partnership for Young London (PYL) over 3 months to research how the House Project is working and how it can be improved. Young people reported that it worked for them and their overall health and wellbeing improved by being part of their LHP.

Cambridge University 2020/23

This study was led by Dr Joel Harvey who worked with young people and staff at five LHPs; focussing on what it is like for young people to be part of a LHP, how staff work with young people to help them in their lives and the psychological approach that supports the work


STAF - Scotland House Projects 2021/22 

Staf undertook a ‘Learning Project’ of the three Life Changes Trust Funded LHPs. They produced three in depth Case Studies (one for each project) to showcase their work, successes and make recommendations for future practice and development.

EXIT Study - 2021/24

The evaluation highlighted the six fidelity elements (co-production, base, relationship practice, learning programme, house and LHP professional team), the three outcome domains (young people, organisation and innovation journey) and the five ingredients for establishing and sustaining innovation (co-production, adaption and learning, shared leadership, receptivity of contexts and outcome measures).


CLNM Peer Evaluation 2023

Care Leavers National Movement worked with Partnership for Young London (PYL) for the second time to research how the House Project is working and how it can be improved. The findings were overwhelmingly positive with most young people saying that they would recommend the House Project to other young people.




Care leaver provision within the LA falls in to the regulatory inspection frameworks conducted by Ofsted and whilst not an evaluation partner we are interested on their feedback of LHPs services that they have inspected.

"The East Dunbartonshire House Project was considered to be a good practice example. The Inspection team learned of the significant differences the project had made to the lives of young people. An innovative way for young people to take control of their future and to support them to gain the skills and experiences to live independently whilst developing lifelong communities of support. The House Project was making a clear difference for the young people involved. There was strong positive feedback from both the young people and the staff High quality , warm and caring relationships were observed"-East Dunbartonshire Care Inspection report 2023

"Children in care who are moving towards adulthood are supported to prepare for greater independence. The local authority has invested in a bespoke housing project for children leaving care, to offer them extensive support in setting up home for the first time. A small number of children have started on this scheme, which offers a wraparound service, including therapeutic and peer support, so that they have the best opportunity to succeed in their new homes. While at an early stage of implementation, the project is showing positive signs of addressing care leavers’ needs in a holistic way.”- Lancashire Ofsted report 2023

"Working with the corporate parenting board and with the help of leaders, the House Project has transformed young people’s readiness for independence" - Islington Services Focused Visit 2022

"Some care leavers benefit from being able to access the impressive ‘House Project’ in order to gain independence skills and successfully move into their own tenancies" - Stoke-on-Trent Ofsted report 2022

"Children in care are supported to develop independence skills as they approach adulthood. They are offered options for accommodation, with a significant number choosing to stay with their foster carers. Children who access the House Project receive impressive support as they approach the age to leave care and beyond. Some care leavers who cannot access this project report that they believe that they receive a lower level of support than those at the House Project." - Rotherham Ofsted report 2022

"The House Project enables children to gain independence skills, including financial and practical support, through a team approach to testing the young person’s capacity before moving on to permanent accommodation" - Wolverhampton Ofsted report 2022

"Those care leavers who have additional needs benefit from involvement with the ‘House project’, which offers properties and intensive ongoing support to help them successfully maintain their tenancies" - Stoke-On-Trent Ofsted Monitoring visit - 2021

"When necessary, intensive support is provided, and some care leavers access a comprehensive pre- and post-tenancy training programme via the National House Project. The House project successfully supports young people to maintain their tenancies and live independently, which is valued by young people" - Warwickshire Ofsted report 2021

"The House Project is an innovative and highly valued service that is making a significant difference for care leavers. The service helps young people to build confidence and to make friends for life, through preparation for independence & the provision of secure and affordable accommodation. Young people said to inspectors that being involved in the project makes them feel like they have a family" - Islington Ofsted report 2020





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