Become a Corporate Partner

At NHP we are passionate about developing the potential of young people and improving the way young people leaving care are prepared and supported to live independently. Whilst we have already achieved a lot to date there is a lot more to do and we are seeking corporate partners who can provide knowledge, skills, experience and finance to support us to achieve the ambitions of our young people.

Why become a Corporate Partner?

We are a small, dedicated team and we want to get to know you! No two corporate partnerships are the same and we design our corporate partnerships with you, ensuring that we build unique lasting relationships that deliver for everyone. Our relationship has to benefit care leavers but equally it has to benefit you, your organisation and your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives.

Whether your company is large or small, your staff will feel engaged in our partnership and proud to be supporting our work. Here are some great reasons to become our corporate partner:

  • Bespoke partnerships - designed with you and your company in mind.
  • Fundraising support - we support individual, team and company-wide activities and events.
  • Opportunities for staff engagement - as your charity of the year this will give your staff a shared cause they can support together. A partnership with us will boost staff morale, encourage team building, create positive PR opportunities and show your company’s commitment to creating real and lasting change to care leavers across the UK that staff will be proud of.
  • Staff development - skilled volunteering and pro bono opportunities is a great way to increase employee engagement, increase staff retention, enhance job relevant skills and talents and boost employee morale.
  • Business opportunities and Customer Loyalty - a partnership with us will help drive brand awareness, increase sales and customer loyalty. Not only will your brand be shouted from the roof tops but being associated with a leading innovation Charity, supported by the Department for Education, will demonstrate your value base and CSR credentials. Bringing our brands together to create engaging campaigns will drive sales for you and generate vital awareness for our work. Joint campaigns will give your customers the opportunity to purchase your product and support care leavers at the same time.

Partnering with us is about much more than just raising money.

If your company is looking for a charity to partner with, or if you’ve got an idea of how you would like to support our work, please call us on 07876 217799 or send us an email ( – we would love to hear from you!

How we can work together

We will support your staff in any kind of fundraising!
Match fund your employees’ efforts penny for penny, pound for pound. Everyone’s a winner!
‘Payroll giving’, ‘give as you earn’, ‘workplace giving’ - whatever you call it, it’s an easy and flexible way to donate to us and support our work with young people leaving care.
All of our work is geared to making a difference to young people but the work of the charity and the support to young people has work streams that you might want to focus on. You might be interested in bringing skills, capacity or resources to focus on: education, apprenticeships and the House Project Programme, the psychological underpinning of the practice framework and the enhancement of emotional and mental health, development of the user voice and the role of advocacy and mentoring, the space for innovation and resourcing it to scale, the power of documentary filmmaking as a medium for young people, and engagement in outdoors activities and the related psychological benefits. Talk to us if you would like to focus your resources on a particular area of our work.
Can your staff share their time and expertise? Could you offer training or consultancy for the National House Project or a skills workshop for care-experienced young people? This could have a big impact for a charity of our size.
Donate some of your products or exclusive experiences to help young people moving from care to independence. Or how about room hire – have you got some amazing spaces you could let us use for free?


Over the past two years NHP has developed close working relationships with some amazing companies.

If your company is looking for a charity to partner with, or if you’ve got an idea of how you would like to support our work, please call us on 01270 215888 or send us an email ( – we would love to hear from you!

If you want to know more about our existing partners and friends, click the logos below

Our partners, past and present...

Care Leavers National Movement
Care Leavers National Movement
Life Changes Trust
Department for Education