The National House Project (NHP) was established as a Charity in August 2018. It provides support and expertise to local authorities around the country to set up and manage Local House Projects (LHPs) so that young people leave care in a planned and supported way and lead connected and fulfilling lives.

How we started

The first Local House Project (LHP) was established in Stoke-on-Trent as part of Phase One of the DfE Social Care Innovation Programme. Phase Two saw the development of a further five projects and the creation of; an evidence base, resources and financial modelling. NHP was established to provide the vehicle to support existing LHPS and establish new LHPs and increase the reach to young people across the UK post March 2020.




I’d compare the House Project to a tree; we’ve planted it and we’re growing up. We’re all together and we’re all going up.

YP Stoke House Project 



Continuing to grow

We take a relational approach to working with local authorities and partner agencies and we see the benefits of developing these arrangements on a regional basis.

In the West Midlands eight of the 14 Local authorities will have a LHP by December 2023.

In Greater Manchester we gave developed collaborative arrangements with 7 of the 10 local authorities having a LHP.

In Scotland we worked with Life Changes Trust to develop the first three LHPs and with a positive evaluation by STAF  and clear links to the Foundations of the Promise we are keen to scale further.

This approach has enabled our House Project Community to continue to grow from 10 young people in the first LHP. By broadening the offer within existing LHPs and expanding the number of LHPs we have ambitions to increase the numbers of young people in the House Project community who have the skills, knowledge and confidence to lead successful lives.  

We are in the process of securing agreement to establish a number of new LHPs across the UK.

Realising Success

Being part of a LHP has supported young people to gain confidence, achieve successful interdependence by transitioning to full council tenancies, secure jobs and stay in college – aspirations that we want for any young person leaving care.

Meet the Team

Meet the team at the NHP and find out more about the consultants and trustees who guide, assist and support.

Meet the Team



As a Charity we are ambitious to:

  • drive excellence in what we do 
  • establish a project in every Local Authority and create a safe and supportive House Project community
  • use the learning to improve wider leaving care services
  • develop an expert care experienced user voice to change the narrative about care leavers, make decisions about their lives and their projects and improve wider service provision.  



What do I do?
The ORCHIDS Framework

The ORCHIDS framework defines the House Project and makes it different to other accommodation options.

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What do I do?
The House Project Programme

Young people enjoy a range of opportunities and experiences to build relationships, manage their home and further their career.

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Care Leavers National Movement

CLNM is made up of representatives from House Projects across the country. They are the heart of NHP.

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