With young people at the heart of what happens, a psychologically informed practice framework takes them on a journey to interdependence. A group work approach develops skills, knowledge and confidence. Young people become friends and support eachother through the leaving care experience. They make their houses into homes and stay part of the House Project community which reduces the feelings of isolation and loneliness. 

1. Young People

House Projects are co-created and co-designed with young people at the heart of the decision making process.

2. Trauma Informed

Staff are trained in trauma-informed practice and attachment styles in order to tailor support to young people as individuals.


3. Community

Outcomes for young people are improved; they learn to take ownership and responsibility but also develop a greater sense of health and wellbeing. Young people join the House Project as a group and therefore have a community of support that is developed and continues
beyond the move into their own homes.

4. House Project Programme

Young People engage in a House Project Programme that is psychologically informed. In being part of the project, young people are counted as being in Education, Training or Employment (ETE) and achieve accreditation through AQA certification. House Projects commit to ensuring that all young
people are on a long-term ETE pathway.


5. Home

Young people engage with the Housing Provider to ensure that they have some choice in where they live and do up houses that became their homes. They can remain in these homes for as long as they want – for ever if that’s what they choose to do.

6. Outcomes and Costs

The House Project is designed as an outcomes model. House Projects deliver improved outcomes for young people at lower costs. They also reduce the demand on wider Local Authority and partner agency budgets with fewer tenancy breakdowns, improved emotional, physical
and mental health and less contact with criminal justice services.

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Why is it important?
Framework not a model 

The House Project approach has been developed with young people, staff and other professionals. Find out what makes it different to other accomodation pathways.

What difference are we making
Why is it important?

Moving from care to independence is a huge step. Young people told us that in the run up to their 18th birthday they felt anxious and unprepared. 

What difference are we making?

The vision of the National House Project is for young people leaving care live connected and fulfilling lives. But what difference are we making?