The ORCHIDS framework defines the House Project and makes it different to other accommodation options.

It is underpinned by the psychological theory of self-determination which outlines three psychological needs that are essential for psychological health and well-being;


the need to feel in control of what we do and how we do it


the need to learn to do things and be good at something


the need to feel a sense of belonging and an attachment to other people

It provides a clear operating practice framework and uses the energy, experience and creativity of young people to meet these needs and provide a safe base from which to explore the world and build a positive future. Working to this framework enables young people to be the authors of their own futures and develop control and responsibility for their own lives.

House Projects use the framework to plan and deliver direct work with their young people, work in a way that enables partners and the broader workforce to engage in the project, drive practice in a positive, energised and respectful way and provide a safe context for supporting young people into independence. The framework also serves to provide a set of standards to recognise, celebrate and build on success.










Sense of Well Being




It has put into perspective how close the real world is. They guide you through everything and it has made me realise how much I need to start preparing; I feel like my own person and I’m taking things by my own choice rather than waiting for people to tell me or confirm what I need to do. It’s definitely allowed me to grab my independence and move forward with it better.

House Project Young Person





What do I do?
The House Project Programme

Young people having the opportunity to be involved in new experiences to enhance their development is a key component of the House Project Programme. 

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Local House Projects 

We provide support and expertise to local authorities to set up and manage House Projects so that young people leave care in a planned and supported way. 

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Care Leavers National Movement

CLNM is made up of representatives from House Projects across the country. They are the heart of NHP.

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