The Care Leavers National Movement (CLNM) is made up of care leavers from Local House Projects across the country. They use their skills as expert advisers to develop Local House Projects and improve outcomes for all young people leaving care.

Established as a Steering Group in 2017, CLNM launched at the NHP conference in 2019. CLNM works with the NHP to develop and implement a programme of support that enables young people leaving care to live connected and fulfilling lives.

CLNM has 4 objectives:

1. To highlight success – to inspire, inform and influence

2. To test new ideas designed by young people

3. To raise challenges to improve things for young people

4. To peer evaluate all Local House Projects and make recommendations for improvement


The voice of young people is central to improving services and outcomes. CLNM enables that voice to be heard and provides a platform for their views to be heard.