What is a Local House Project ?

Local House Projects (LHP) are modelled on the first House Project in Stoke-on-Trent

In Stoke it worked with ten young people, a House Project staff team consisting of a Project Lead and Facilitators, and ten properties. The properties are released on a temporary basis to the LHP and when young people feel able to manage with less support they ‘graduate’ from the House Project community and the house reverts back to council stock – with the young person in it and now as a council tenant.

The number of young people in future projects will be determined by local arrangement.

The young people become a council tenant and remain in the home they have created for as long as they want to be there – forever if that’s what they choose to do

They also remain part of the wider House Project community and continue to give support and be supported as long as they want.

No two local authorities are the same and hence House Projects need to take account of local arrangements. However, there are key elements that must be present for it to be a ‘House Project’:

  • Dedicated staff team 
  • Commitment to working with young people at all stages using the ORCHIDS Framework 
  • Corporate and political support to secure sufficient accommodation that young people can live in for as long as they want  
  • Young people engaged in Education, Employment and Training  
  • Commitment to developing an independent organisation in collaboration with young people  
  • Psychological support to ensure that projects are run safely