The House Project approach has been developed with young people, House Project staff and other professionals. The framework identifies key fidelity elements that define a House Project and mark this out from other accommodation pathways.

These fidelity elements form a 'framework' rather than a ‘model’ and with no two local authorities being the same, allows for a flexible approach according to local need.



These are the key fidelity elements:

  • Corporate and political support and engagement 
  • Dedicated staff team 
  • An agreement with a Housing Provider to secure sufficient properties for young people 
  • A trauma-informed approach using groupwork, the ORCHIDS Practice Framework and the House Project Programme
  • A dedicated base that is shared by staff and young people 
  • Psychological support to ensure that projects are run safely


How does the House Project Work





What do I do?
Why is it important?

Moving from care to independence is a huge step. Young people told us that in the run up to their 18th birthday they felt anxious and unprepared. 

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What do I do?
What difference are we making?

The vision of the National House Project is for young people leaving care live connected and fulfilling lives. But what difference are we making? 

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The cost of accommodation is one of the challenges to local authority budgets and often with little evidence of achieving good outcomes for the young people.

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