Over the past two years the National House Project has developed close working relationships with some amazing companies.

If your company is looking for a charity to partner with, or if you’ve got an idea of how you would like to support our work, please call us on 01270 215888 or send us an email (fundraising@thehouseproject.org) – we would love to hear from you!

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Keep Care Leavers Connected

With a number of leading charities and youth organisations we are working together to achieve the following three outcomes through an open letter to Government:

  1. Extend and improve uptake of the government scheme that provides digital services and internet for care leavers
  2. Ensure every care leaver in England has a digital device and internet access for at least 12 months when they first live independently 
  3. Recommend that all local offers for care leavers include the right to a digital device and internet access. 

Living an independent and fulfilling life requires digital connectivity to access information, services and support. Lockdown limited physical support and without being able to access public Wi-Fi and hotspots young people became disconnected from the world.





How can you help? 

  1. Read the letter and find out more at the campaign website hosted by Catch 22.
  2. View our film, created by CLNM, on what digital access means to them.
  3. Show your support on social media: #connectcareleavers


The Care Leavers National Movement made sure via fundraising activities that all young people in the House Project community were connected by providing a smartphone and unlimited data packages during lockdown.

You can help us with this to ensure that they remain connected and can access support to continue their online studies and stay in touch with people and services that are significant to them.


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