How can I join the House Project?

The House Project works with young people leaving care aged 16+. Speak to your social worker/PA or contact the National House Project directly to find out if your local authority has a House Project. You can contact the National House Project using the following email address:



The House Project is a great thing to do. If you are offered a position to go on the project, do it - it builds a future for yourself... It's a very independent project that you do by yourself with as little or as much support as you want

House Project Young Person



Do you have a House Project in your area?

Click here to find out if your Local Authority has a project
Then you can find out what action you can take to find out how to join from below...


Yes, my LA has a project

People need to know you are interested in the House Project, so speak to your social worker/PA/IRO/carer. You will get support to make an application. You will fill in a form and add a letter, video, voice recording or something that says why you want to join.

If your application is successful, you will be interviewed.
You get lots of help about how to do an interview. If you pass the interview you join the House Project.

Your House Project


No, my LA doesn't have a project

You can contact the National House Project and we can provide you with further information about House Projects.

You can find out more information here by downloading the Young People's Guide.

We will also contact your local authority on your behalf to advise that you were interested in the House Project.

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