Energy Redress Scheme Update

Posted 18th May 2023

NHP are into the final 12 months of their ‘Care Leavers as Energy Champions’ project. This is a project funded by the Energy Redress Scheme and aims to educate young people around energy awareness and for young people to then train their peers.  

To start with young people designed and conducted a survey to find out from young people where support may be needed. The results from this have helped a young person's steering group develop ideas for resources and films to complement the project. In Autumn 2023 this group will launch a series of videos and podcasts made for young people by young people.  

In addition to the resources, young people and their House Project staff members have received bespoke energy awareness training from the charity NEA (National Energy Action). This training comprised energy saving tips and included lots of myth busting. Since the training young people have begun to train their peers in their own workshops.  

To assist House Projects supporting their young people, all House Projects have been allocated an iPad with 12 months connectivity so that work around energy awareness can be completed at the House Project base and in the young person’s own home. The iPad is loaded with tools and links which can help people find their supplier, reduce their usage, or find additional local support.  

As well as raising awareness, NHP also recognises the huge financial difficulties that are faced by care experienced young people which are further compounded by the cost-of-living crisis. To try and help with these costs the Energy Redress scheme is also able to offer fuel vouchers to all House Project young people in their own home. So far 217 have been distributed.  

The project ends in February 2024, but it will have a long-lasting effect with the impact of the continuation of peer-to-peer training and the resources which should help future generations of care experienced young people. 

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