Mark Warr meets with The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to discuss issues facing care leavers

Posted 20th January 2022

The National House Projects’ CEO, Mark Warr, meets with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to discuss issues facing care leavers

We were delighted to be part of the Foundling Museum’s roundtable with The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on Wednesday 19 January 2022, to highlight current issues surrounding our young people leaving care, share our perspective of the challenges our care leavers face and the opportunities that are available in improving their futures.

Our CEO, Mark Warr, joined fellow organisations to voice professional and personal experiences of working with care leavers and discussed topics such as homelessness and mental health; and how the valuable work of The National House Project prioritises the vulnerabilities felt by care leavers to provide a safe and supported future.

“It was an incredible opportunity to meet with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and share insights about leaving care services and the good work that is going on across the sector. As a new Charity our inclusion served to recognise our work with young people and more importantly it validated the codesign approach and the value that young people bring to the development of services for them. ”

During the discussion, Mark Warr described The National House Projects' ground-breaking approach in enabling young people leaving care to live connected and fulfilling lives and how the project was co-designed with young people from the start.

“It is great that NHP have had the opportunity to share how their work is making a difference for young people. We will be taking young people to meet Will Quince, Minister for Social Care in February to both share their Peer Evaluation findings and ensure that their ‘voice’ is heard at a National Level.”

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