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Posted 9th June 2022

The National House Project feature in Suited & Booted June 2022 Newsletter

Our Wonderful Clients

We have a very special relationship with the Care Leavers National Movement (CLNM) and recently saw a group of young clients from Warwickshire House Project. The CLNM comprises care leavers from local House Projects across the country. Their expert advice helps to develop House Projects and improve outcomes for all young people leaving care. House Projects prepare Care Leavers to settle into adult life with the skills that they need to manage interdependent living.

Reece from Warwickshire House Project was delighted with his suit and wrote to us about his experience: ‘I was so happy when I got the opportunity to go to Suited & Booted as I had heard such good things from my friends at Care Leavers National Movement who represent the young person’s voice in The National House Project. I remember seeing young people at the CLNM conference on stage presenting to hundreds of people looking so smart and confident with the support of Suited & Booted. It was at that point I knew I wanted to join CLNM, a few months after I did, and I became a CLNM representative for Warwickshire House Project. I love nice quality clothes; they make me feel good about myself. I left Suited & Booted with other young people from my House Project feeling confident, smart and ready to take on the world.’

Here is Reece’s photo below along with four other photos of our clients from Warwickshire, all happily Suited & Booted!

Suited & Booted Newsletter, June 2022

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