Young Energy Champions Are Live!

Posted 15th January 2024

The Young Energy Champions are now live across YouTube, TikTok and Spotify! They have come up with several different ways to make you aware of saving energy and how important it is to be aware. The Young Energy Champions has been an 18 month project within NHP. The project has aimed to educate young people & staff in House Projects around energy awareness and for this knowledge to be continually shared with future cohorts and future generations of care experienced young people. The project has been co-produced with four core young energy champions leading on its implementation over these 18 months. Dozens of people have been trained, numerous energy workshops delivered and a substantial amount of energy vouchers distributed.


TikTok and YouTube

On TikTok and YouTube, we currently have videos about how to save energy and useful tips with behind the scenes reels! Some of these videos contain information on:

  • Reading Your Energy Meters
  • Understanding Energy Bills
  • Energy Saving Tips

On Spotify, the Young Energy Champions have several podcasts in which you can tune in to as you are out and about or at work.



These podcasts tell you about:

  • Who the Young Energy Champions are and why they decided to take on this project
  • Understanding Energy Bills in further detail
  • How you can get rid of Condensation, Mould and Dampness.

One Young Energy Champion stated that:


Being a part of the Young Energy Champions has taught me everything there is to need to know about saving energy, I was so grateful for the opportunity as I can now teach others what I have learnt.

Young Energy Champion




 To access the information on TikTok, Spotify and YouTube - Follow the links below to see how you can save energy!



What do I do?
What do I do?
What do I do?
For further information about the Young Energy Champions - Visit our webpage here.


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