The House Project Programme

Young people who join the House Project will be accredited for all the work they do in their journey to independence.

Young people who have been brought up in care may often have had a disrupted education and, because of that, lost confidence in their ability to gain qualifications.

We recognise that all young people have talents and skills, and these have often been untapped. Through the House Project young people have the opportunity to find out what they are good at, learn new things and become more confident.

The House Project Programme covers the skills, knowledge and experiences young people need to be successful, from living independently, working as a team, developing and pitching a business case, to organising a residential or a community event.

During the programme, which will be accredited via the AQA Unit Award Scheme, young people build a portfolio to capture their learning, celebrate their achievements and support their next steps in education and employment.

How do young people know what they have achieved?

  • By choosing the best way to evidence what they did and keeping evidence of their work in a portfolio
  • Evidence could be a photograph of the young person doing something; a spider diagram, chart or table; a piece of writing or a ‘witness statement’ from someone saying what the young person did

If the module is completed and the evidence recorded young people will get an AQA certificate. This can serve as a springboard for young people to go back into education to gain more formal qualifications or as proof of their skills and commitment to a future employee.

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