Young People at the Centre of Practice

What did we do?

We worked with young people to create the first House Project in Stoke-on-Trent. Ten young people worked with a Project Lead and Facilitators to agree how the House Project would operate, the rules that governed the project and how and when they would move into their own houses. They supported each other, challenged each other and understood what they needed from each other.

At the same time they chose which area of the city they wanted to live in and planned how their homes would look. The City Council released ten properties from the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) to the House Project along with the money that they would have spent to get houses ready for the next tenant. Each young person had a budget to manage and completed the work on their house with help from an experienced and skilled trades person.

Many thanks to the original cohort HP10 for designing the national logo.

Fully inclusive process

The work of the projects is based on a framework developed with young people which is underpinned by self-determination theory. The work puts young people at the centre of the decision making processes and challenges staff to both work with them in an inclusive way and support them to find the solutions to the challenges they face. The projects achieve improved outcomes for young people, challenge the way that professionals work with young people and enable young people to leave care in a supported and ‘less scary’ way.

Young People’s National Movement (YPNM)

To maximise the ownership of young people and ensure that the National House Project Board takes in to account the views and opinions of young people, a Young People’s National Movement (YPNM) has been established, with two young people from each LHP. The YPNM meets bimonthly and is facilitated by a care experienced professional. Two young people from the YPNM are supported to sit as advisors to the National House Project Board.